Maestro 2S Wind & Speed Monitor, Chrome

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A full 16 sensors are used on the dial of this Maestro anemometer in order to record the direction of any wind gusts in the area you place it

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Place it anywhere with the handy mounting software, included with your purchase

The 2S can change modes on command to record lower winds up to 40mph or higher winds up to 120mph

A toggle switch at the bottom of the case changes readings from 120 MPH to 40 MPH scale

Chrome Case Black Dial

Highest gust is saved on our unique Gust Register can only be used with the 120 MPH scale , which allows you to monitor highest gusts even when you miss the actual wind blast

Maestro 2S displays wind speed over two scales, wind direction and highest gust up to 120 MPH

Ships complete with 60' cables, AC adapter, sensors and mounting hardware

The 0-40 MPH scale provides a more active display of lower wind speeds

Wind direction is displayed across 16 compass points using LEDs which run off the supplied AC power pack

Wind speed is self-powered by rooftop sensor